Brainy men ‘less likely to cheat’

Men with higher IQs are less likely to cheat on their wives, concludes a new study.

And, according to researchers, it is so because of evolution.

New analysis of social trends indicates that intelligent place greater value on monogamy and sexual exclusivity than their less intelligent peers.

However, boffins at London School of Economics and Political Science found that women didn’t follow the same trend.

The researchers could find no evidence that clever women are more likely than the general population to remain faithful, reports The Telegraph.

The findings by Dr Satoshi Kanazawa of the London School of Economics and Political Science were published in the March edition of the journal Social Psychology Quarterly.

To reach the conclusion, the expert analysed two major US surveys which ascertained the social attitudes and IQs of thousands of teenagers and adults.

He concluded: “As the empirical analysis … shows, more intelligent men are more likely to value monogamy and sexual exclusivity than less intelligent men.”

The expert claims that the correlation between intelligence and monogamy in men has its origins in evolutionary development.

‘Suicide’ blast at AL lawmaker’s house

Three people were killed and two others were injured in a “suicide” bomb attack inside the house of Awami League lawmaker Afaz Uddin Ahmed at Taragunia in Daulatpur upazila of Kushtia last night.

The ruling party lawmaker from Kushtia-1 constituency survived the attack with minor injuries.

The deceased are identified as Asmat Ali, acting headmaster of Taragunia High School, Jubo League activist Siddique, son of Bhaddar Ali of Taragunia, and the unnamed bomber.

The AL lawmaker said two bombs went off around 8:15pm soon after two unknown visitors entered his living room when he was talking to some high school teachers of his upazila.

One attacker blew himself up killing two people while another attacker fled, he told The Daily Star last night.

Asmat, who was sitting on the right of the lawmaker, was killed on the spot while Siddique succumbed to his wounds on his way to Kushtia General Hospital.

“I saw the two unknown youths stand up when I was talking to the teachers. Within a second, one of them blasted one of the bombs he had wrapped around his belly. The youth died on the spot,” said Afaz Uddin.

“The attack might have been carried out to kill me,” he said, adding that extremists might have involvement in this.

Assistant Superintendent of Police Mostafa Kamal said law enforcers had cordoned off the area. Police are investigating the incident, he added.

Police and Rab sources said they believe there were more attackers near the lawmakers’ house to carry out a well-planned attack.